Siege of Black Watch

35th & 36th Coldswane

3rd Session

35th Coldswane, Afternoon

The party makes their way down Black Watch from the Keep to New Town, trying to find a place to stay.

They settle upon an inn, The Battered Codpiece, and are welcomed by the Halfling proprietor, she rents them a suite of rooms on the top floor for 8GP a night, but stabling and food are included.

After speaking to a Halfling who insists that there is an invisible dragon stalking the turrets and rooftops the party heads to the Mayor’s office the next day to speak with him.

36th Coldswane, Morning

At the Mayor’s the party begins to believe that the Mayor is mostly a figurehead and has almost no power especially outside of New Town.

On their way back from the Mayor’s an Elf Woman, Sarlia, runs into Asuna’s arms and begs for help. She is followed by three ruffians, one of whom stabs her with a poisoned dagger.

The party quickly dispatches the three, and while Jaeger tends the woman allowing her to survive the poison. Asuna and Jericho pursue a fourth person down an alley, believe they have cornered him in a building, but he gives them the slip.

Trying to identify the poison, the party takes her and the dagger to an alchemist where they claim to be sent by a criminal don and need illegal alchemy. The poison is identified, but what they are looking for isn’t available.

Asking the woman, they find out that Elf women in town are going missing.

While Brand and Veral take Sarlia back to the inn, the other three go to investigate.

Heading to investigate the city records they find that only 1% of the Keep’s population of elf, and of this only about 20 are recorded as female. Sarlia told them that 16 had been kidnapped so far and two were dead.

The party confirms that an Elven Female Knight and a Battlewizard were both dead, but it appeared to be accidents.

Following up on their clues the three go to visit Sarlia’s husband and house in the Killing Grounds.

They find a pair of Castilians guarding the door who tell them that a murder has been committed and Sarlia is the prime suspect.
After giving up on a convoluted plan involving renting a room and hiring an orphan to lure the guards away the three head to the Keep

There they barge their way in to meet with Captain Annihilus Von Schultz, 2nd in command of the fortress and cousin to the queen. They threaten him and end up stepping straight into a political web of intrigue.

The three receive a letter of writ from Captain Schultz to investigate. Although they receive what they wanted, the party is uneasy as they both hate Schultz and realize that the is just using them to gain authority over New Town, an area which is currently under the Outer Captain, Vincent Kell.

The trio investigate the building and find the husband dead at the table. He has been poisoned.

Proceeding to the third floor they discover another elf male dead, folded almost in half, and stuffed into a closet.

The Castilians downstairs are told and they summon their superior. One of the guardsmen goes upstairs to check on what the party has reported.

Asuna notices him planting something on the body.

The planted evidence is a note from Man-First, a speciest group who believes humans are the supreme race.

The three demand he tells them what’s going on, intimidating the man.

He tells them that he hates Man-First and planted the note to point to them as its obvious they are the ones who committed the crime and this will help get rid of them.

Realizing he is still not being entirely honest, Jericho uses his power to confuse the man who draws a dagger and stabs himself in his stomach.

Leftenant Schreiber and Acolyte Krause run up the stairs from where they hear the screams to find the party standing over the man.

He is taken away by stretcher and the party paroled due to Jaeger’s noble status, they are told not to leave the inn until they are interviewed.



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