Siege of Black Watch

14th Coldswane through 35th Coldswane

1st & 2nd Sessions

The members of the party ride into a marshalling yard in Inselstein to find the Lord Commander of Kethnecia waiting where he hired them and gave them a mission.

The party was to carry a message, supplies, and recruits to Black Watch. Giving the message into no one’s hand, but that of the Kommandant.

On the journey through the Ghost Woods, several small items disappeared and Brownies were blamed.
Tendrils of mist seemed to follow the party, but shied back from flames.

An ogre with a band of goblins attacked the convoy, but were scared off or slain by the party.

Making their way into the foothills the party intercepted an ambush by goblins riding goblin dogs and slew all but one of them, finding a small ruby on the body of one and pocketing what coins there were.

They proceeded to the fortress, delivered the supplies, were mostly ignored by the Castilians on guard, and were escorted to the Kommandant.

There they were introduced to Kommandant Elric Harmbringer, the Mayor, the Crusader, and the Overwizard.

The party was told that they would be contacted in a day or two with new instructions.



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