Dengir Armavok

Dwarf Rogue


Age: 51
Weight: 185
Eyes:Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Alignment: Neutral


Dengir grew up the second of three sons of the Armavok clan, a successful family of miners and smiths. As a child, he took great pleasure in reading and hearing tales of adventure that travelling merchants brought with them to the mountainous settlement that his family called home. It caused his family no small amount of consternation to see him play out human tales of adventure and harrowing. As he grew into adolescence and young adulthood, he could never shake that urge to seek out that life for himself. He grew proud of his heritage and his family, but the strict life that lay before him never truly suited him. So, he set out for Banner Bay to make his own way in the life. The world that lay before him, however, was different from the stories. Life was difficult and different in such a large city so far from home. He witnessed cruelty firsthand when muggers took what belongings he brought with him. He met uncommon kindness at the hands of a poor beggar that shared a meal with him. Not entirely shaken, he took it as an opportunity to learn. The city was a harsh teacher, but he was an apt pupil. At the cost of his naivete, he thrived. Falling in with the criminal element out of necessity, his colleagues taught him their “trade” and he found surprising talent as a thief. Dengir developed a reputation by maintaining a loose but professional relationship with the thieves’ guild in Banner Bay. After a few lucrative but high-profile jobs, Dengir decided to that leaving town would be wise to avoid suspicion and undue notoriety. And so, Dengir Armavok made his way to Black Watch Keep in search of opportunity.

Dengir Armavok

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