Brand Tulasson

A Penitent Knight


Age: 35
Height: 6’
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


He is an aging cavalier hardened by a long life. In his earlier life, he led a hard life of drinking and adventuring as a mercenary. His exploits lead him to bands of robbers, knight’s quests, and protectors of the holy. Wherever he went he never felt at home so he roamed the land picking up work wherever it appeared. This lifestyle led him to be an exceptional fighter. His aimless lifestyle left a trail of people being affected. He didn’t take into consideration the outcome of his exploits as long as his needs were met.

Midway through his life Brand began to reevaluate the path he had taken. He wondered if there was another way. He felt cursed by his position and wondered if he couldn’t have taken another path. The gods heard his lamentations and devised a test for this wayward warrior. It would be a test of self. They led him to a village where he fell in love with a beautiful maiden. The girl’s family forbid the union. Brand’s actions and reputation had caught up to him. One night at a local tavern an old woman warned Brand that he was being tested. She told him that if he chose love that the outcome would be disastrous and if he chose self-banishment he would be unhappy for the rest of his life. The gods wanted Brand to make a choice between self and the welfare of others. The consensus was that he would always choose himself over others and there could be no other outcome.

Believing that this was his only opportunity to be happy Brand insisted on pursuing the girl. The two devised a plan to run away together. Upon hearing of their plan, the brother of the girl, a nobleman and great fighter, challenged Brand to a sword fight. Brand’s pride got the better of him as he was an accomplished swordsman but he knew that he would be killed if he proceeded. During the night the old woman appeared and offered him a sword she said would help him win the love of his life. She told him that she was a struggling merchant and required assistance from time to time and she thought it would be a good idea to be owed a favor by a skilled swordsman. Excited about the weapon he agreed to the terms. The next day he Brand fought for the girl but disaster struck. During the fight, the girl was accidently as she attempted to stop the two from completing the fight. At the moment of death, a demon appeared. Laughing at the sight. The demon began to mimic the old woman’s voice. It was then Brand realized he had been tricked. In her voice, he reminded him of his promise and disappeared. Brand apologized to the family for his part in the tragedy and vowed to make amends.

Later in his career, he joined the Cavaliers but the weight of his promise lived in the back of his mind. Now, Brand is an aging and experienced fighter. He worries that every battle in front of him may be his last and that he may never be able to repent for the sins of a wasted life. The outcome of his cursed promised also looms over him. Brand is looking to redeem himself.

Brand Tulasson

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