Siege of Black Watch

36th & 37th Coldswane

4th Session

36th Coldswane, Evening

Jericho, Asuna, and Jaeger make their way back to the Battered Codpiece heading straight to the inn. Upon arriving they brief Brand, Veral, and Fes of the situation while Sarlia sleeps.

Deciding to keep investigating Jaeger, Brand, and Veral make their way down to the common room where they take dinner while discussing their plans. Within the common room an Elf, Mendragar, is supping and the three speak to him about what is happening, unfortunately he has only been in the city for two days and leaves on the morn to make his way to Lost Hope Village’s steading where he will start a new life.

Before long Captain Von Schultz enters the inn and the trio speak to him. The soldier has died of poison, most likely from the knife that stabbed him, and the party is given a week to solve the murders, the kidnapping, or Von Schultz will be throwing them in irons on a charge of Capital Murder.

The three men make their way to The Waylander, an inn that caters primarily to Elves and “Elf Lovers”. The party make their way in through the back, gaining access from a cobbler’s shop that stands beside it. There are no signs that any have been there in days and the female elf proprietress has been missing.

37th Coldswane, Early Morning
Returning to their rooms the trio fill in the party as to the situation and they bed down for the night. While the party sleeps a cloaked figure picks the lock and opens the window to Asuna and Sarlia’s room.

Wilhelm opens the window without a sound and lowers himself onto the rug silently. Unfortunately for him the rug is actually Nico and he screams as the tiger takes retribution for the disturbance. The party sit up suddenly as they hear the screams of the dying rogue.

Veral jumps up, grabbing Ellam as he heads to the door to the suite’s common room. Before he makes it to the door ruffians burst through the windows, abandoning stealth.

With barely time to grab his sword and shield Brand stands in bed as two men rush him and he is hard pressed against the pair’s knives.

Sleeping alone Jaeger leaps from his bed and counters the two men entering his room, gutting one swiftly while deflecting the other’s sword stroke with his shield.

Fighting in their small clothes the party realizes it is best on all sides and battles bravely.

Veral opens the door to find four men skulking through the common chamber. Stepping forwards he counters the first to charge him with knives drawn. He casts a spell causing the man to lock up and collapse over the couch.

Two others hurl knives at him and the third, a man with skin as black as soot, shoots him in the neck with a blow dart.

Another assassin leaps in through the window into Asuna’s room only to catch her readied arrow in his side, it does not kill him, but as his feet touch the floor he is given not a moment to steady himself before three hundred pounds of carnivore bring him to the ground jaws clamping over his face.

Brand manages to score a minor wound to one of his two assailants but receives a small laceration himself.

Jaeger plunges his blade through the chest of one man, using the body as a shield against the other’s cut and pulling himself back into a ready stance.

Veral cuts down another of his assailants and takes a step into the room to meet the rush of the fourth, a masked man wielding two long curved daggers. Twisting he barely avoids another dart from the dark man stripped to the waist now standing on the table.

Brand cuts down one of his foes trading wound for wound, but fights on.

Jaeger knocks the last of his two opponents out and steps into the main room.

At the same moment Fez throws open the door as well.

In surprise the savage blow pipe wielder sucks back sending the dart into the back of his own mouth, felling the man.

Seeing all his compatriots down the man in the mask weaves between the three swords he faces, sliding under a couch and running for the door to the suite. Veral gives chase to the man, who flows like water over the balustrade, diving out a window on the next floor, catching himself on a gutter pipe and landing like a cat, using the change in momentum to take off down the street.

Veral’s leap is less graceful and he finds himself flat on his back in the rain with the wind knocked out of him.

Asuna almost puts an arrow through Jaeger as he opens the door to her room to check on her and lets Sorlia out of the Armoire where she had hidden.

The man spelled by Veral is manacled by the party while his unconscious companion is dumped beside him. The party interrogate him and find out that Dice, their leader, had brought them here to capture or kill the elf girl for the Masters in the Wastes.

The reason given was to weaken the walls, when the party asks if they are working for Man First, they are met with scorn and rebuke.

Asuna, Nico, and Veral take Sorlia to the Wayfarer to hide while the others wait for the guard. Nico, Veral, and Sorlia move from shadow to shadow while Asuna tip toes down the sidewalk in a slightly less stealthy manner.

Members of the irregulars arrive with a sergeant leading them. The two men are taken to jail and the party is told to give their report to Captain Kell the next day.

The Wayfarer group make their way back to the Inn while boards are placed over the windows and the mess cleaned up by servants.
The next day the party heads to the Military Stables in New Town and speak to Kell. He offers to help keep Schultz off their back, but needs them to solve the problem before Schultz can gain authority over New Town as well.

With the hourglass draining on them, the party makes their way back to the inn. Along the way a figure in rough spun wool steps beside Jaeger and asks about the new Crime Lord who Jaeger, who he believes is pretending to be a Paladin, and Jericho work for and letting him know that not everyone is happy with the current guilds’ system.



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