New Character Creation

New character Guidelines:
(Character level 3)

To begin the campaign all characters start out at level three with the following restrictions:

Step 1: Choose a Race from the list of allowed Races

Step 2: Choose a Class from the approved class list

Step 3: Each character has 25 points to buy their six stats:

Step 4: Choose an Alignment
Players may choose any good or neutral alignment, NO EVIL!

Step 5: HP: Maximum Hitpoints at 1st level and either average or rolled hp afterwards, re-rolling 1’s

Step 7: Buy Skills and choose Feats

Step 8: Equipment, Each character starts with 3,000 gp and no more than 1/3rd (1,000 GP) may be spent on any one item.

Step 9: Character Traits
Each character gains one character trait.

Step 10: Character Details
Each character needs a physical description and a back story. Each player can earn up to two hundred experience and a bonus trait for writing a detailed story for their character including history and current motivations.

New Character Creation

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