Veral Nelkt

A Tone Deaf Magus with a Singing Sword


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Player: NXQ
Class: Magus 3 (Kensai/Bladebound)
Deity: -
Homeland: Banner Bay (Kethnecia)
Race: Half-Orc
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 240
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Class: Black Blade
Type: Miao Dao (Bastard Sword)
Size: Medium (Approx. 55" in length)
Description: A large, heavy single bladed sword that appears to be forged of primal iron, giving it a lingering and unmistakable scent of blood, and adorned with a sharkskin hilt and ring pommel. (Disclaimer: it just looks like that, not actually made from primal iron) It’s wyroot sheath features several very intricate engravings of beasts and creatures.


Veral was born to a loving family in a middle class neighborhood of the capitol city of Kethnecia, Banner Bay. His mother’s family have been half-orc/orcish for as long as anyone can remember. His father’s family, the Nelkts, have been running the Nelkt Brewing Dynasty brewery for five generations (it’s not nearly as grand as the name implies). Veral spent his formative years in a generally peaceful manner; there were of course instances of bullying by other children due to his orc heritage, but what hardships there were were outweighed by many wonderful memories of spending time watching his mother draw and sketch, playing with his cousins, and helping out at the family brewery.

His magical abilities began to express themselves in his early teens and at the age of 14 Veral was sent away from the city to study with an old associate of his father’s named Tobin, a Kensai Magus who had been employed as a guard by the Nelkt brewery until his love of their products began eating too far into their profits. Soon following Veral’s somewhat abrupt departure rumors began to spread through the neighborhood that the reason for his being sent away was less about studying magic, and more about a number of very angry fathers with rather pretty daughters (one such rumor held that each of the weekly care packages Veral’s family sent him included a full pound of Bachelor Snuff).

After three years of training, sparring, and the occasional small adventure (when Veral could pry Tobin from the bar for a few days), Veral had settled into a comfortable routine – continually improving both his magical and martial skills and devouring every bit of magical lore he could get his eyes on or ears around. Every morning he would take up his sword and, after rousing his master, spar. One morning he reached into the sword rack by the door to their shared home, only to find his hand fall upon a strange hilt. Looking closer he noticed that the place usually reserved for his own blade had been taken by a different sword. He thought perhaps this was a new addition his master had purchased as a replacement for himself, but no – Tobin’s battered but well kept sword was still in it’s normal spot. And Veral’s sword was nowhere to be found. Veral decided Tobin must have purchased this sword as a gift for his apprentice – after all, this new sword was so exquisitely balanced, and its hilt seemed to grip his hands when he wielded it – it had to have been made for him.

A month later, as they were finishing yet another training session, Tobin took note of the sword and commented on its quality to his student.

“Fine blade you got there, good to see you’ve decided to put your coin to use on a quality sword,” Tobin said.

Veral of course, was completely taken aback by this and replied, “What the hell are you talking about? You bought it for me?”

“Ha! Bought you a fine sword like that? With what coin? And from who? Only one smith in this town, and he’s the reason no one calls ME the town drunk”, Tobin laughed.

“Oh come off it. I’m not gonna fall for that. It was in our weapon rack, in my spot, my sword was gone and this was in its place. I’m supposed to believe that not only did you not get it for me, it’s taken you this long to notice it? Hell, I even thanked you for it!” Veral growled.

“Ah, did you now? Huh, don’t remember that, must have been a bit… indelicate…”Tobin began, only to be interrupted by a sudden clear but ephemeral voice in Veral’s head.

“I don’t know why you’re getting so mad at him. You haven’t even properly introduced yourself to me yet,” The voice said in a very put upon voice. Veral didn’t know why, but he was certain the voice had come from the blade in his hands.

“You didn’t just…” Veral started to say, staring at the sword.

“I most certainly did,” the statement once again coming directly into his mind. Veral dropped the sword, and began scurrying backwards from it and stuttering in horror as the voice shouted,“OH! Now that was completely uncalled for!”

Tobin, seemingly unfazed and highly amused asked his now bug-eyed apprentice,“Boy, that blade wouldn’t happen to be talking to you would it?”

Veral nodded mutely, eyes still fixed on his sword.

“Ah, that might explain things, heard about this before,” Tobin said as he pulled his flask from his hip and took a swig, “Seems you’re bladebound.”

Although their first “conversation” was not ideal, Veral and his black blade Ellam soon became quite an adept pair. Despite her near constant singing and nigh pathological clinginess she has proven to be a very good influence on Veral; constantly praising his progress and pushing him to further his skills and training. Over the last two years the two have taken to ranging farther and farther afield – eventually leaving Tobin’s home and striking out on their own. Their ramblings have, of late, taken them towards the city of Black Watch Keep.

Veral Nelkt

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