Tassadar Jaeger

Paladin of the 6th Regiment


Alignment: Lawful Good
Player: Corey Hopper
Class: Paladin
Deity: Sarenrae
Homeland: Blackwatch Keep
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6,5
Weight: 230
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue


Tassadar Jaeger is a Paladin with the 6th Regiment, known as The Watchers. They are the scouts and knights of the fortress and are tasked with defending the outer villagers and responding to threats beyond the wall. Tassadar belongs to House Jaeger. House Jaeger was founded shortly after the great battle of Kethnecia. . Since its founding, House Jaeger has served towards the defense of Black Watch Keep in some way and had done so for decades. House Jaeger has a Nobel mansion located in The Enclaves.

House Jaeger prays to the god Sarenrae, known as The Ever light. The followers of Sarenrae believe in swift justice that would be delivered by the scimitars edge. They do not seek glory in slaughter and death and believe in killing their foes quickly, as so they do not suffer any longer than necessary. The Church of Sarenrae has been known to be consulted to end feuds disputes amongst neighbors and families.

Tassadar identifies as a Knight of Sarenrae, by wielding the scimitar. He is willing to offer mercy to enemies that seek absolution and renounce evil. Upon Joining the 6th Regiment, Tassadar has responded to several threats in the outer villages and is no stranger to combat. Tassadar believes in honor and compassion. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. His sense of justice will compel him to intervene and alleviate as much suffering as he can. He does not seek to impose his own views and values on the members of his party, but will instead pray that they will see the light.

Tassadar Jaeger

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