Annihilus Von Schultz

5th Captain, 2nd in Command, Queen's Cousin


Moderate height, dark brown hair, with a close cropped chinstrap and goatee. His voice is haughty and clipped with a refined central accent.

He wears a cape coloured in Imperial Purple with a gold fringe over his clothing, a long dueling blade hangs on his left hip.


Captain Annihilus Von Schultz, 5th Captain of Black Watch, Heir to Innselstein, Cousin to her royal majesty.

He is second in command of the forces at Black Watch and highest of the captains.

Information Uncovered:

Schultz is in command of the military police forces for all areas of the city except New Town, which is under the purview of the Outer Captain. He resents this and wishes to expand his regiment’s control into that area, but has been held back by politics and tradition.

Story Info:

The first meeting between Schultz and the party seemed to not go well with Schultz ignoring the party and seeming to want to use them. The animosity was further enhanced when the party threatened the Captain.

Annihilus Von Schultz

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