Jericho Wolf

Esoteric Scholar of the Cosmos


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Player: Daryush Mir
Class: Oracle 3
Deity: Nethys
Homeland: Idalia
Race: Half-Elf
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 165
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue


Deep in the forest outskirts of Idalia, Jericho lived a happy life with his elven mother and human father. As a boy he would often go exploring in the woods, listening attentively and taking in the sounds of nature and all it had to offer. Everything changed when at the age of 7, young Jericho gradually began to lose his sense of hearing. His parents consulted with many experts, but all had deemed the child’s condition to be inexplicable and irreparable. Jericho was devastated, now deaf and unable to enjoy his favorite pastimes.

Not one to be made miserable by the fickle aspects of the universe, Jericho learned to overcome his newfound handicap. While the voices of the world now escaped him, his eyesight and other senses became heightened and stronger. He eventually uncovered a new sense within his being, calling him beyond this mortal realm. Jericho stopped looking at his simple rural surroundings and began looking up at the stars, hoping to become more in tune with this enigma that reached out to him from beyond time and space.

Between helping out on the family farm and stargazing into the night sky, an opportunity arose for Jericho. Messengers from Kethnecia were looking for able-bodied men and women to serve in any capacity at Black Watch Keep far to the north. Having heard of the auroras in the northern skies and their connection to deeper things in outer space, Jericho decided he would journey to Black Watch Keep. Perhaps he would also make a name for himself, if only to demonstrate how little his affliction would stop his ambitions.

Jericho Wolf

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